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The History of the Christmas Tree:

Whether we realize it or not, traditions have played a major role in our lives. The tradition to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, even superbowl parties. There are cultures all over the world where people celebrate the beginning of a new year and a opportunity for a fresh start.One of our oldest most heart warming traditions is celebrating the holiday season with a tree. It brings a magical touch to our homes and a clean vibrant fragrance as well.

Where did this wonderful tradition begin? As far as we know it dates back to the 16th century, where the first recorded reference to the Christmas tree was in Strasbourg, Germany. Beautiful little fir trees were cut from the forests, brought into the homes, and decorated with fruits, sweets of all kinds and colored paper. This tradition is still practiced in many parts of Europe. Several years later those little fir trees were harvested from the forests and were sold to people who were unable to get their own, hence the very first retail lot was born.

Hussein mercenaries and German settlers who were paid to fight in the Revolutionary War were the first to bring the Christmas tree to the United States. Upon arriving in the United States the tradition rapidly caught on. The elaborate decorations of lights etc. started in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1842 by Charles Minnegrode. In 1851 Mark Carr brought trees from the Catskills to New York and opening the first retail lot in the United States. The White House had it's very first Christmas tree brought in by our 14th president, Franklin Pierce. It was in 1923 that the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony began with President Calvin Coolidge. This tradition still continues today on the lawn of the White House.

At Country Heritage Farm we are proud to create a festive, family atmosphere where people can come and continue a wonderful tradition with a rich history and meaning.